If you’re a non-profit that’s looking to raise funds for a worthy cause you’ve found the right web site. Despite the adverse publicity arising from isolated incidents at sea, there’s not been a downturn in cruise vacation bookings.

Did you know that 80% of the U.S. population has never been on a cruise?  There’s a vast, untapped market out there.  And cruising is regarded by 95% of those who have cruised as a great vacation value. Not convinced?  Here’s a short blog post I wrote on the Top 5 Reasons A Cruise Is A Great Venue For A Family/Friends Gathering.

You may be asking, Why is group cruising such a good fund raiser? The answer is simple:  the cruise lines have long recognized that it’s cheaper to incentivize groups to attract first-time cruisers than trying to reach them through advertising. The cruise lines are betting that once they get you one of their ships, you’ll want to cruise again with them. And groups are also a great way for cruise lines to get experienced cruisers aboard that have not sailed with them before.

Create Your Own Group

Group status usually entitles you to special discounts, privileges and amenities.   Every cruise line has their own unique policy and procedures on group cruises and what benefits they provide.  These policies vary widely from one cruise line to another and are constantly changing.

If you’d like a more detailed background on cruise line group incentives visit our agency home page.

Planning a group cruise is an undertaking that should not be attempted without an experienced travel agent.  Most travel agents only book groups occasionally and aren’t familiar with the nuances of dealing with the various cruise lines Groups Departments.  At Group Cruises Unlimited this is our specialty. We handle sorting through the cruise line’s rules and regulations and the mundane details of working with the cruise line’s Groups Department.

We make it simple

We simplify things for you by bundling the various amenities and credits offered by the cruise lines and our unique finder’s fee program into and easy formula that can readily understand.  It might read something like this:

For every 10 cabins that sail on your group cruise, we’ll pay you $2,000.

The number of cabins, the amount and other details will be included in a short agreement tailored to your cruise.

Five Ways To Earn

Here are the different ways that charities we work with raise thousands with fund-raising group cruises:

1. Sponsor a cruise for your organization.  This is called an affinity group within the cruise industry. Your members book with our agency and may have their cabins near each other, dine together, socialize together and take excursions together.

2. Sponsor a promotional group within your community.  With this type of group your organization just finds people who want a cruise vacation, has them book though Group Cruises Unlimited, and receives compensation. When you do this the end result is actually several friends and family mini-groups with two, three or four couples getting together for cruise vacations. If you’ve got a recognizable, worthy cause that your community can relate to, you will find people eager to vacation and help your cause at the same time–especially if they can get a tax deduction.

3. Sponsor a hybrid group where some members of your affinity group cruise together and you promote space your reserved space for the cruise to the community for external friends and family groups.

4. Sponsor a raffle for one of the cabins in affinity, promotional or hybrid group. Once successful formula is to charge $25 per ticket or 5 for $100 and only sell a limited number–200.

5. Conduct a perpetual fund-raiser.  With this option the charity in addition to or in place of sponsoring a group cruise, promotes a web page based on this one and receives a commission on cabins sold for individual cruises.

Your Next Step

If you have an idea of what kind of fund-raising cruise you want information on, please fill our Group Form on our agency web site. Otherwise, Contact Us.